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Why we should choose the anti-stain interleaving powder for glass mildew prevention?

The factors that affect the weathering (mold) of glass include the chemical composition, phase separation, 

annealing process, environmental factors (temperature, humidity, atmosphere), weathering time and 

surface treatment methods of glass.

Therefore, the mildew resistance of glass should be improved by at least the following five methods:

1. Adopt a glass raw material formula with suitable glass chemical composition to improve the chemical

stability of the glass body.

2.Optimize the oxidation and reduction atmosphere of the melting furnace, optimize the temperature of the tin bath, the degree of annealing process, and improve the stability of the glass surface.

3. Improve transportation conditions and storage environment.

4. Shorten storage time.

5.Use appropriate surface anti-mold treatment methods, such as spraying glass anti-mold isolation powder or glass anti-mold liquid .

Restricted by conditions, the above 1-4 points are not easy to change, but the use of surface mildew treatment will be very direct and effective, and easy to do.