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                               BOST-NPPU1  Materials Safety Data Sheet

1, Product and company identification

    Name of product: powdered interleaving for glass weathering prevention

    Model: BOST-NPPU1

    Manufacture: BOST Technology Co., Ltd.

    Phone :( 86)755-26650257

    Fax (86)755-26650852

2, Composition/information on ingredients

    The mixed powdery mildew preservation materials, isolated particle.

3, Hazards identification

    According to EC directive 91/155/EC, this product is non-hazardous.

4, First aid measures

a.    Skin contact: wash clean with water an soap;

b.    Eye contact: flush with plenty of water;

c.    Inhalation: transfer the sufferer to a well-ventilated place. When necessary,                       apply artificial respiration and call a physician .

d.    Intake: wash the mouth with water .remove fresh air, keep warm and quiet. Give oxygen 

        and visit the doctor if need.

5, Fire fighting measures

a.     Appropriate fire extinguishing means: water, foam, CO2 and dry chemical powder.
b.     Appropriate fire extinguishing process: no special requirements.

6, Special hazards description: do not inhalation burning smoke or volatile gas over 100°C.

7, Accidental release measures

a.   Immediate action must be taken for broken package, such as washing clean the floor with water or spreading sand over it .the product must be dumped at a specified place.

b.    Pedestrians and drivers shall take care to avoid skidding.

8, Handling and storage

   Store this material at a dry place with ambient temperature within the range from 5°C to 50°C. Do not keep it at a place near strong alkali, fire and heat.

9, Exposure controls personal protection

a.    Breathing protection: use of dust respirator is recommended.

b.    Hand protection: use of protective gloves is recommended.

c.     Eye protection: use of safety glass is recommended.

d.   Sanitation: take care so that it will not contact your eyes. Do not eat and                   inhale it.    

10, Physical and chemical properties

      State: powder

      Color: brown mixed with white spots.

      Odor: very little

11, Stability and reactivity data

     Stability: stable

     Taboo conditions: heat and fire

12, Toxicological information

      This product is non-toxic.

13, Ecological information

      This product is dissolvable in water and neutralizes with natural alkali substa.

14, Disposal consideration

      This product can be neutralized by alkali solution. Dump it at a specified only.

15, Transport information

      No specific requirements.

16, Regulatory information

      According to EC directive 99/45/EC, this product is non-toxic

17, Other information

       The information above is providing to our best knowledge and according to data available by 

 the manufacturer. It does not make a warranty, and is subject revision when other knowledge 

 and experience is obtained.