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BOST's Strength in Glass Anti-stain Industry:

1.BOST was the only manufacturer of glass Anti-stain Intereleaving powder who took part in the drafting of “Anti-stain Materials for Glass”, which was later recognized as “building materials industry standard of the people's Republic of China JC / t1008-2006” by the National Development and Reform Commission and China Building Materials Industry Association.

2. The main features of the product are: good anti-stain performance and isolation performance, far higher than the industry standard; good adsorption, less flying, easy to clean and so on.

3. The main raw materials come from developed countries abroad, and the quality of its products is particularly stable, which ensures the stability of the anti-mold powder from the raw materials.

4. The company passed the ISO certification in 2014, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's product quality. And won many awards in the industry.

5. The company's management team and production team are stable, and the production process is strictly monitored to ensure that there is no quality fluctuation during the production process.

6. The company's main customers are: Xinyi, Taiwan Glass, Jinjing, Fuyao, CSG, Luoyang Glass, AVIC Sanxin, Ancai Hi-Tech, Flat, Welcome, Security, Kibing and other groups; and TOSSASHAKTI, Emirates Float Glass And other overseas customers, the current market share of anti-mold powder ranks first. The products have been used by domestic first-class glass companies for many years, and have won unanimous praise from customers, and fully meet their requirements.

7. At present, there are more than 20 kinds of developed and mature products to meet the needs of different customers. And it has related powder spraying equipment and liquid spraying system, as well as a variety of supporting products such as isolation powder, cutting fluid, and cleaning agent.

8. The company has strong technical force and senior industry professionals. For the treatment of any anti-mold and mildew problems in glass, the company will assist, research and provide solutions to relieve customers' worries. At the same time, in response to the ever-increasing product requirements of the glass industry, the company will continue to develop new products to ensure that the growing needs of customers are met.