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About Langbo

Shenzhen Langbo Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge science and technology firm that specializes in offering a range of services to the float glass manufacturing industry. These services encompass internationally advanced modifications for float production lines, consultation on process technology and production enhancement, on-site support for float line baking and commissioning, and the supply of associated production process equipment.

Key Technical Features and Business Scope:

1. Technical support for the production of advanced float glass, including front windshields, mirrors, and electronic glass.
2. Production technology support for ultra-white float glass.
3. Production process technology support for colored glass variants such as F green, dark green, and European grey.
4. Technological transformation for cold repair in floatation, melting, molding, annealing, and other processes.
5. Technical support services for float line kiln and production.

6. Heat repair services, including tiling for melting furnace walls, crown crown replacement, and regenerator dredging.

7. Providing complete sets of bubbler, mixer, tin tank automatic edge baffle process equipment, along with production operation and technical support.

8. Technical support for full oxygen combustion furnaces.

Aligned with our management policy of delivering high-quality technical support and services, our company is dedicated to enhancing customers' energy efficiency, quality, and output. Our goal is to elevate the market competitiveness of customers engaged in high-end float glass production.