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How to prevent&slown down glass corossion

2023.11.21   Source:

Glass mold Mechanism:

There are many factors that cause glass mold (weathering),such as  chemical composition of the glass phase, the annealing process, environmental factors (temperature, humidity, atmosphere), storage time, and surface treatment methods.

Therefore, glass mold should include at least the following five areas:

1. Using a suitable glass formulation, improve the chemical stability of the glass body;
2. Optimization redox atmosphere furnace, tin bath temperature optimization system, the annealing process system and improve glass stability glass surface;
3. To improve the storage conditions;
4. Shorten storage time;

5. using a suitable mold surface treatment method.

Subject to conditions, more than 1-4 is difficult to make a change. Therefore, a suitable surface mold processing method can greatly reduce the probability of the emergence of a glass mold, the glass extended storage time.

Glass mold surface treatment method:

Currently, the world float glass mildew treatment methods are mainly three kinds of methods, the liner (or anti-mold paper), ion exchange, or spray fungicide spray powder mildew isolation.

1. Anti-microbial lining: the high cost of 0.13-0.50 yuan / m2, low efficiency, the current method is slowly being phased out;
2. Ion exchange: You must cooperate with other isolation methods, such as isolation or pink paper isolated, the most costly of all mold process, 0.03-0.70 yuan / m2;
3. Antifungal powder (liquid): the lowest cost, 0.02-0.04 yuan / m2; to adapt automation requirements.
In order to greatly improve work efficiency; mildew good effect, and easy to control, it is the trend and the trend of glass mold development.
Glass mildew treatment method application
China market: the introduction of the main line to dusting; other production lines are lined mold paper-based.
Japan: ion exchange dusting or liner-based.
Europe: dusting based.
USA: Spray Fungicide and mildew isolate powder