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Anti-Stain Interleaving Powder

BOST-FPPU2 is a kind mixture of micro-balls with moderate hardness and a variety of glass anti-stain and fresh-keeping materials, products sprayed on the glass surface to

delay or reduce glass mildew and to prevent the glass surface from being scratched,  it could be easily washed away by water, suitable for float glass production lines and glass processing.

Technical Parameters

Product: White powder

Aqueous solution pH (1%): 2.0~4.5 (dissolved in purified water with a pH of 7.0)

Water content (%): < 0.5%

Angle of repose: < 40°

Anti-stain performance: By used at 0.4 g/m2, the moldy time is twice or more than the natural moldy time

Anti-scratch performance: Meet the JC/T1008-2018 standard.