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Cleaning Agent

Severe glass mold can generally not be removed, mild mold or paper marks can be removed by polishing. However, the cost of polishing is too high, and the result of polishing is prone to optical deformation of the glass surface. BOST-AC01 Glass Cleaner is a white or pink viscous powder that can quickly remove mild glass mold, paper marks, and dirt without damaging the glass surface.

Preparation method

1. Put 1 part of BOST-AC01 glass cleaner into a container.

2. Add 20-40 parts of water (weight concentration is about 2.5%~5%).

3. Stir until completely dissolved, that is, to form a glass mildew removal cleaning solution.

Applicable Condition 1 (glass mold removal)

1. Dip a cotton gauze with the glass mildew cleaning solution and wipe the glass surface. If the area is large, use a cotton gauze mop to dip the mildew cleaning solution on the glass surface and wipe the glass surface; then rinse the treated glass with clean water ( or use a washing machine).

2. For batch light moldy glass or glass that is difficult to clean, pour BOST-AC01 glass cleaning agent into the circulating water tank of the washing machine, and prepare a solution. The general weight concentration is between 2.5% and 5% (the concentration depends on the glass). (depending on the specific mold situation), then wash it with water, and increase the cleaning capacity of the washing machine if necessary.

 Applicable Condition 2 (Conventional glass treatment)

1. For the pretreatment of deep processing glass, the mildew removal cleaning solution can be sprayed on the surface of the glass before the glass is washed, or the surface of the glass can be wiped.

2. Rinse the treated glass with clean water (or use a washing machine).

Safety Instructions

1. This product is a non-toxic substance, and the solution is acidic.

2. Acid-proof gloves must be worn during operation.

3. Avoid prolonged skin contact, wash with soap and water when in contact with the skin, and rinse with plenty of water if it touches the eyes accidentally.