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Anti-Stain Interleaving Powder

FSP01  is a white powder compound which has several kinds of anti-stain and interleaving material, sprayed on the glass surface. it could delay and prevent the glass stain, and prevent the glass to hurt, and easily cleaned by water.

State of product: white powder

PH (%):    2.0-4.5

Moisture content (%) : <0.5%

Angle of repose: <40°             

Anti-mildew properties: when the amount of use is 0.4 g / m2, the moldy time is twice or more of moldy basis time.

Anti-scratch properties: meet JC / T1008-2018 standards. 

Particle Size Distribution:

Main size 100mesh (150μm)

                +60Mesh (250μm) <15%

                       60-200 Mesh >70%

                -200Mesh(74μm) <20%

Recommended amount:    

Summer 0.3 - 0.7g / m2;

Winter 0.3 - 0.5 g / m2

(Measuring method based on measurements provided by Bost)

Measurement Method:

Covering measurement surface may reference document I provided.

Operating Requirements:

The temperature of the sprayed glass surface should be less than 80 ° C,pay attention to slip when leaks.

Detailed Security Advisory Please read BOST-FSP01Material Safety Data Sheet.