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Economic Benefits of Mildew Resistant Material

2013.06.16   Source:

Market analysis

Over the past decade, with the rapid development of China's economy, the market demand for rigid glass is also significantly improved, float glass plant sprung up. According to incomplete statistics, there are about more than 190 float glass production line, it is dotted with normal cells. Since the second half of 2008, produced by the United States and the spread of the global financial crisis hit the world industry is unprecedented, China's glass industry has also been hit hard. So far, a total of 45 float lines because the market and cost factors forced to stop production. However, the group, low cost of float companies in the current financial crisis, but "rosy times of adversity," New Line frequent ignition, such as flag Bin Group Zhangzhou Dongshan company 900 tons line successfully put into operation in February, CSG Langfang plant 900 tons line smooth ignition in March 30, 700 tons of new lines of Chengdu informed in May 6 Pull glass, completed Xinyi Wuhu Industrial Park, the rise of the Waldorf-run group of Heze in Shandong Industrial Park and so on. All these prove a truth, the crisis lurks an excellent opportunity. Glass Industry only group, is the low cost of this survival. Instead of the traditional mold powder mildew isolation barrier material is adapted to the development trend of the cost, it will cause a "industrial revolution", gained popularity.

2. Mildew isolate powder and other materials cost analysis:

   Mildew isolation of flat glass mold powder as insulating material in recent years has been rapid development. Its main feature is environmental protection, anti-mildew effect, and low cost. The traditional mold material mold paper mainly represented. Now the two sides to do a comparative analysis:

1) Features Comparative Analysis
Mildew isolate powder

Traditional anti-mildew isolation material

1. environmental requirements
The major components of the polymer and organic acid, rinse with water use, simple environmental protection, in line with policy guidance

Requires a lot of wood, the production of large quantities of chemical waste emissions, environmental pollution, the policy limits

2. the use of
Automatic spray dusting

Artificial cut, the paper shop

3. automation
High automation efficiency

All artificial low efficiency

4. isolation

Isolation effect, mainly flexible ball isolated on the glass surface has a protective effect, can meet the high-end processing requirements.

Isolation effect, but the paper in the varnish and sand and other hard objects on the glass surface from damage effects, can not meet high customer demand for glass surfaces.

5. antifungal properties

Good antifungal properties

Antifungal properties are generally prone paper profiling

6. cleaning performance
Easy to clean

Produce paper pattern, can not be cleaned

2) cost comparison analysis (for example)

The current 550 tons of float more example to illustrate the production line, in order to simplify not considered material loss:

  2.1) The traditional mold material costs:

     550 tons production line of float glass per day to about 62,000 square meters 3mm. Currently the traditional mold paper prices 4500 yuan / ton, about 35 grams per square meter, that every day materials 62000 × 35 G = 2.17 tons, the monthly fee for the use of traditional materials: 2.17 × 30 × 4500 = 292950 yuan

  2.2) labor costs:

      Traditional mold material number of employees: by float glass production line employment methods now widely used three down four classes, each class four employees per employee by 1200 yuan / month salary, the monthly labor cost is 16 × 1200 = 19,200 yuan. If imports dusters, each 300,000 yuan, the 300,000 /19200=15.6, namely labor costs about 16 months of imports can purchase a spray machine. 10-year depreciation in accordance with duster, use duster can save labor costs: (120-16) × 19200 = 1996800 yuan.

   2.3) with the mold powder costs:

   According to 60,000 yuan per ton, pink, eastern and southern China with a large amount of powder, 0.5 grams per square meter of powder, the daily amount of powder 62000 × 0.5 = 31Kg, with a monthly cost powder 31 × 30 × 60 = 55800 yuan.

   2.4) Cost savings:
   According to the previous use of traditional materials and the use of flour cost analysis: 55800/312150 × 100% = 17.9%. Which uses powder costs only 18% of traditional mold material costs. Annual cost savings:

  (312150-55800) × 12 = 3076200 yuan.

  Only one of more than 550 tons of production lines to calculate, if a company has three or more of the scale, the annual cost savings of tens of millions yuan. Thus, instead of the traditional mold to mold powder insulation material can effectively reduce costs, to be called the glass industry "industrial revolution" far-reaching.